Blog 4 | October 7, 2020

As pointed out previously, we felt it essential to first develop guidelines for the content and pedagogical recommendations that we will be developing. To do this, we divided the 16 members of the Steering Committee into four groups, each with responsibility for drafting a specific component of our report. The groups have now completed their work.

Student Characteristics

Our next step is to use this information to determine the Working Groups that will start work on the curricular topics. For this, we will choose an initial set of Working Groups and select leaders for each. Each leader must fulfill two requirements:

  1. Be a Subject Matter Expert in the topic (with evidence of teaching, researching, or practicing in the area)
  2. Be willing to commit to the time necessary for the project. We know that other fields that have pursued similar projects (for example, computer science) spent a year developing their recommendations.

It has been a long time since we last updated all of you on our activities. We are developing an updated website (with a team of volunteers from IBM Design). The site will be redesigned to support the next phase of our project with updated content, a new blog, and the capability to review and comment on draft documents. We are also creating a newsletter.

We will soon be contacting you, asking for your help reviewing the documents mentioned above, focused on principles, topics, student characteristics, and pedagogy, giving you a place to make other comments and suggestions. We will also be starting the process of appointing Working Group leaders from the many of you who have volunteered.  (We call this group of people “the 550,” even though the number is now larger than 550.)