Steering Committee

picture of Kevin Bethune

kevin Bethune

Kevin Bethune (Founder and Chief Creative officer, dreams • design + life. Redondo Beach, California, USA)

picture of Tysonn Betts

Tysonn Betts

Tysonn Betts (Design Vice President- Right Brain to the Business, Global Family Care + P&G Ventures at The Procter & Gamble Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

picture of Meredith Davis

Meredith Davis

Meredith Davis (Prof. Emerita, Graphic Design. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) - Member of the Executive Committee

picture of Ken Friedman

Ken Friedman

Ken Friedman (Prof. of Design, and Innovation Tongji University, Shanghai, China and Editor-in-Chief of She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation)

picture of Paul

Paul Gardien

Paul Gardien (VP, Head of Design Strategy & Design Innovation, Philips Design, Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

picture of Liz Gerber

Liz Gerber

Liz Gerber (Prof. Mechanical Engineering and faculty founder of Design for America, Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois, USA)

picture of Cheryl Heller

Cheryl Heller

Cheryl Heller (Prof. of Practice and Director of Design Integration, Arizona State University, USA)

picture of Hai

Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen (Director, University of California San Diego Design Lab)

picture of Nali

Nalini Kotamraju

Nalini Kotamraju (Vice President, Research & Insights, Salesforce. San Francisco, USA)

picture of Gjoroko

Gjoko Muratovski

Gjoko Muratovski (Director, Ullman School of Design, University of Cincinnati, Ohio USA)

picture of Michael

Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer (Prof., Rady School of Management and Design Lab, University of California, San Diego, USA)

picture of Natalie Nixon

Natalie Nixon

Natalie Nixon (President and Creativity Strategist, Figure 8 Thinking. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Guillermina Noel

Guillermina Noël (Head, Design Management, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and the Arts, Switzerland)

picture of Don Norman

Don Norman

Don Norman (Founding Director, Design Lab, University of California, San Diego. USA) - Co-Founder & Member of the Executive Committee

picture of Srini

Srini Srinivasan

Srini Srinivasan (President, World Design Organization, Montreal, Canada; Lumium Design, Sunnyvale, California USA: Ahmedabad, India: Kanagawa, Japan)

picture of Karel Vredenburg

Karel Vredenburg

Karel Vredenburg (Director, IBM Global Design Leadership & Academic Programs, Toronto, Canada; Industry Professor, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada) - Co-Founder & Member of the Executive Committee

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the former members of the Steering Committee: Sarah Brooks and Olga McConnell.