Blog 1 | June 27, 2020

We posted an invitation letter on numerous sites. The response has been overwhelming.  As of July 26, roughly 300 people have volunteered.  Here are some of the statistics

Roughly 11,000 unique hits on website and 300 people self-nominated themselves

Where are they from?

Africa - 7
Asia - 55
Europe - 69
Latin America - 17
Middle East - 8
North America - 127
Oceania - 11

Where do they work?

Self -employed/freelance - 87
Design/consulting firm - 57
Work within a company - 51
Student - 11
College/university faculty - 69
Collège/university administration - 4
Government - 2
NGO - 2
Unaffiliated - 2
Other -  11

What role did they volunteer for?

Contributor - 188
Reviewer - 82
Keep Informed - 25

And how are we responding?

We formed ourselves into committees to divide up the work, categorizing the responses and finding the critical themes. Reading the backgrounds, interests, and skills of the nominees and determining who fits into which activity. Making sure that we cover all the critical areas (which may include areas not discussed by the nominees).

This is a massive job that may take several weeks.  We will keep you all informed

Why haven’t any of you received confirmation about receipt of your information?

We didn’t have the IT set up properly to give automatic confirmation. We are now working on doing a mass mailing to everyone’s email address to reassure people that we have your information and are working on it.

Added July 27. We have now mailed confirmation of receipt of forms to everyone. If you submitted a form before July 25 and did not get a confirmation, tell us by clicking on the “Contact” link at the bottom of this screen)

The delay is our fault: We apologize. (We underestimated the size — and the speed — of the responses that we got: but it is still our fault for not being prepared.)